Repairs & Maintenance

Our complete menu of maintenance services will ensure that your property is in top condition at all times. We will order and supervise all work required for the day to day operation of your property, and will even coordinate major capital improvement projects. We work closely with the building departments, code enforcement officials, and various other municipal departments to keep your property up to code, and work with the best local landscapers to ensure that your property is always presented in the most professional manner possible.

  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: Our preventative maintenance program ensures that little issues don’t become big problems. On a weekly basis we will inspect the property for any maintenance or safety concerns including chipped/cracked sidewalks, loose shingles, broken railings, garbage/litter accumulation, etc. Regularly scheduled maintenance checks of the interior to avoid safety and building code issues.
  • ROUTINE MAINETENANCE: Our routine maintenance includes top to bottom service from cleaning out rain gutters to landscaping, and snow removal as required. Rain drainage, snow removal, landscaping, etc.
  • EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE: We will inspect the property immediately following any inclement weather conditions to check for fallen branches and debris, ice and snow hazards, etc.
  • MOVE-IN PREP: We provide all move-in preparations including thorough cleaning, drywall repair, fresh coats of paint, and general repairs.
  • CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS: From interviewing and hiring contractors to filing for building permits, we will manage your capital improvement projects and renovations from start to finish.

We will work with any reputable contractor at the owner’s request, however our preferred contractors are HSC Associates, Donohue Halverson Plumbing and Heating, and Pleasant Valley Electrical Contractors for these services.