Marketing & Leasing

  • MARKETING: We provide professionally written and designed advertisements for both print and electronic media. We will work with your advertising budget to develop the most cost effective marketing campaign for your property.
  • SHOWING: We are available seven days a week to show presently vacant and scheduled-to-be vacant apartments to prospective tenants.
  • NEGOTIATIONS: To the extent required, we will negotiate lease terms on behalf of the property owner.
  • LEASING: We handle all leasing activities, ensuring that all forms (including lead paint forms) are filled out properly, all security and rent deposits are collected up front, and that tenants receive copies of all forms and receipts in a timely manner.
  • SCREENING: We handle all screening activities for prospective tenants including credit checks, employment verification, personal references, and previous landlord references.
  • INSPECTIONS: We conduct thorough and complete inventory and condition inspections with the tenants before, during, and after occupancy as necessary.
  • TENANT RELATIONS: Distribution of keys and relevant information upon start of tenancy. Tenants are given on-going personal attention to ensure their expectations are met and that they remain tenants over the long term.